How To Stay Motivated Day After Day By Ashleigh Li

It sounds like an illusion doesn’t it? Especially as Instagram tends to flood our feeds with ‘if today all you managed to do was get dressed, that’s ok’ type posts. Businesses don’t run themselves and being surrounded by ‘your best is good enough’ doesn’t exactly inspire any of us to take more action than we already are. Being told it’s ‘ok’ to just get dressed isn’t going to deliver the motivation to pay the bills or to create financial freedom. 

Pink Palms founder and creative director Ashleigh, started her journey into the wedding industry in LA. Inspired by the creativity and freedom in weddings there, the pink ombre skies and the palm trees, she injected that feeling into her business and it has become part of her brand story. Ashleigh shares with us a few great ways to stay motivated as an entrepreneur day after day.

Raise your standards

If the aim is to just pay the bills, that’s all that will be achieved. For example, if you have an unexpected £2000 bill but no extra money to pay for it, with a little diversifying, planning and a lot of drive – you can make the £2k you need in a day.

Can you make more? Absolutely! Was your standard to make more? No, your standard was to make what you needed to pay your bill. So, by raising standards to higher than just what is a need, your motivation also rises to meet those new standards.

Daily Routine

To stay motivated day after day takes daily work, it doesn’t just flick on like a light switch. Most successful entrepreneurs tend to take pride in their physical appearance right? That’s because exercise releases endorphins that boost mindset. It’s literally hacking the brain for good vibes, which is why they are obsessed with it. No good business decision ever came from being in a mindset of fear or doubt. Building a daily routine of exercise & meditation into a working day (and meditating a few times a day if possible) is a path to success. There’ll be low energy days, some will say it’s ok to have a day off– but just a warning, that’s when motivation will take a big nosedive.

Take an online Personality Test

Most people sail through life without really digging deep into who they are, and why they behave in a certain way. To be motivated day after day, you’ve got to know yourself and know exactly what behaviours will show up daily to get in your way. Destructing behaviours can be difficult to shift, but simply being aware of them is part of the path to shifting them.

It will also highlight the strengths and weaknesses. Most business owners then recruit into their team or take on freelancers that plug those weaknesses – making a business much more rounded.

Get clear

Each person needs to identify the motivation for doing what they do. Not a business elevator pitch, the personal reason they will work harder than anyone to get where they want to be. Is it motivation for something better than they currently have? Or are they moving away from something they no longer want? That’s their driver, which makes them show up day after day. Get clear and harness it, that’s where the power is!

Make it fun

To give motivation momentum, making it fun is a must! If it feels like hard work or an uphill battle, the momentum drops, and the motivation fizzles out quicker than a cheap firework. What makes a great day? Is it music? Dancing? Laughing with friends? Co-working with other female founders? Talking to the family? Working out? Work out what it is and do it every day. Every day!

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