How To Stop Touching Your Face To Prevent COVID-19 Cross-Contamination

Humans are complicated creatures because of all our life experiences. We have beliefs, culture, actions, body language that we do not normally challenge as they have got us this far. We have made decisions to keep going in the style to which we are accustomed to achieving our goals and make life easy for ourselves.

Science, however, has a different view. It makes predictions about what is going to happen, why we do the things we do and looks at how and why we might change, depending on what is happening to us at different times in our lives. 

All the 20 times you may touch your face in an hour, for whatever reason, are to be avoided now. In view of the current Coronavirus, Global Body Language Expert Carole Railton shows us how & why we touch our faces & how to stop! The emphasis is on how we read what is going on with our own behaviour and how to adjust it for a better chance of success.


Watch yourself in the mirror to see when you do this and where on your face you touch. As mentioned different places on your face suggest different needs and most are stress-related. In The Biology of Belief, it states that stress is responsible for up to 90% of illnesses. When an individual is stressed, the release of stress hormones shuts down the immune system to conserve the body’s energy. Reducing stress will reduce the number of times you touch your face and will also improve your immune system!


Wear thin gloves when you are at home to remind you that you are touching your face and to help you to stop doing this.


Smile as much as you can during your day. Smiling generally stops you holding your hands to your face as when you are happy your arms move in a different direction; they move away from you. You have only to look at successful athletes and pop stars to see they hold their arms above their head when they are happy, their movements are outward rather than inward. Smiling reduces stress and stops you from frowning or being unhappy which will, in turn, help your immune system to recover and be stronger.




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