How To Write A Job Description To Attract To The Perfect Candidate

Hiring a new team member can make or break an organisation, especially if it is a small business. To attract the right candidate for the job, it’s up to you to write the perfect job description. Similar to writing a resume and cover letter, it’s the little details in a  job description that will make it stand out from the competition. 

Don’t know where to start? Aaron Hunt, property manager for Prime Place Apartments, a student housing community located just off-campus at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln shares some top tips with us. Keep these factors in mind so that you can craft a compelling and attractive job description and ultimately hire the ideal employee. 

Start With the Basics 

When people are hunting for a new job, they expect to see a brief overview of the position. If they don’t see the most pertinent job information, they’ll skip over your post and keep browsing.

Don’t forget to include the necessary information about the job:

Job Title 

The job title is the first thing potential candidates will read, so make sure the title clearly explains what the position is.  

Position Description 

The position description should describe the day to day responsibilities without getting too detailed. You don’t want to be so descriptive that you lose their attention.


If the job has any necessary skills, list them under the requirements.  If you’re only looking for candidates who have a particular skill set, this will weed out people who are under-qualified. For example, if the position is for a web developer, the job description should outline the coding languages and proficiency they need to have. 


Under preferences, you can list what skills you’d ideally like an employee to have, but clarify that these job preferences aren’t necessary. 

Pay and Benefits 

Yes, people don’t get a degree for anything. A job seeker likes to have a good idea as to what the position will pay. Often the payment will help them determine if they think they’d be a good fit for the job. 

The last thing you want to do is interview applicants only to find out that half of them don’t want to go any further based on the job’s pay. They need to have a ballpark figure so if you offered them the position they’d already have a good idea of how much they’d get paid.  

How to Apply 

At the end of the job description, you should have a “call to action”  where you explain to job applicants how they can apply.

Here’s an example: 

“Interested candidates should an email to Your message should include a resume, cover letter, references, and salary requirements.”

Provide a Lot of Detail

It’s essential to provide as much detail as possible about the job in the description. Think about what questions you would have if you were the job seeker and base the job details off of that. Also, it’s in your best interest to have someone proof your job description before listing it in case you left anything important out. Answer any obvious questions at the very beginning of the job description. Outlining the details right from the start will also help weed out job applicants that aren’t a good fit. 

Working Relationships

You should have enough details about who the applicant would be working with and report to on a daily basis. Also, include who would report to them. 

Briefly explaining working relationships is essential because it lets them know your expectations upfront. Similarly, explaining company relationships will give them insight into the hierarchical structure of your company and how their job fits into it. 

Make Your Company Stand Out 

Explain to your readers what makes your company unique. A job description is more than just looking for qualified candidates; it’s also an introduction to your company. Including details about your company will help an applicant decide if they’d like to apply for the job. 

Job Location

Clearly outline where the area of the position is by adding the city and state. It’s also a good idea to let candidates know whether they would have the option to work at home as well if you are willing to pay for relocation.

Putting a location in the job description will also make it easier for candidates to find the position on the web more efficiently.

Even though you should provide a lot of detail, don’t be ambiguous. The idea is to let everyone know what you’re looking for by using concise and specific wordage. 

Focus on the Future 

Don’t just cover current responsibilities, also mention how the job will expand and grow in the future. 

An applicant should have a good idea of how they can contribute and grow in a company. If you leave this out, candidates will have a harder time imagining what their future would be like at your company.

Be Realistic 

It’s vital to be realistic while you’re outlining the requirements and skills needed for the job. It’s not right to ask for 5+ years of experience for an entry-level position. Hunt for someone who can become a unicorn as opposed to expecting them to be one already. 

Also, be realistic about the salary. If you’re looking for a qualified individual, then expect to offer them a fair wage. You can’t expect to find a well-qualified employee if the pay doesn’t match the job expectations. Coming up with the perfect job description is vital if you want to attract job applicants who are well qualified for the job. 

There are many, many jobs listed on the web these days, so crafting a compelling job description will help it stand out from the rest. An incredible job description is your chance to boast and outline what makes your company so fabulous to work for and why. Find the perfect balance between effectively explaining the role of a job applicant and providing enough concise details about the job. Craft a thorough and robust job description and the right candidate will come along in no time at all. 


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