Inside Audi’s “Vorsprung 2030” Electrification Strategy

The electric car market in the UK is growing at an incredible pace, with nearly 300,000 pure-electric cars on our roads as of August 2021.

More than 600,000 plug-in or hybrid models are also out in force nationwide, as a number of manufacturers continue their transition to more eco-friendly vehicle types.

This includes Audi, whose “Vorsprung 2030” electrification strategy is continuing to revolutionise this iconic brand. But what’s in this strategy, and how will it affect drivers and motorists in the UK?

Introducing Audi’s New Electric Vehicle-Focused Strategy

Audi remains one of the best-known German automakers in the world, and one that exists as a subsidiary of the equally iconic Volkswagen Group.

Back in 2018, the brand announced its first large-scale investment in electric vehicles, with this followed by swathes of advertising surrounding its e-tron line of electric sedans and high-performance SUVs.

Barely 18 months later and towards the end of 2019, Audi also announced an investment of $12 billion to accelerate the electrification of its vehicle range, contributing to a current fleet and conveyor belt of new cars that will hit the market in the coming years.

Make no mistake; this is part of a wider corporate strategy that seeks to establish Audi as a sustainable, social and technological leader by the year 2030, which will ultimately see the phasing out of internal combustion engines (ICEs). This princess is expected to be completed by 2033, at which point Audi will exclusively manufacture electric or plug-in vehicles.

The “Vorsprung 2030 Strategy” embodies all of these key elements, while it has been specifically introduced to accelerate the automaker’s electrified transformation that was originally scheduled for 2026.

This highlights the scale of Audi’s ambition and its desire to become a market leader in the electric vehicle field, which is becoming increasingly lucrative and competitive with every passing year.

What Does This Mean for Customers?

Of course, Audi’s slogan for more than 50 years has been “Vorsprung durch Technik”, which translates into “progress through technology”. This also underpins the recent electrification strategy, with a view to creating electric vehicles that meet the changing needs of consumers.

To this end, the brand’s Artemis EV is expected to be unveiled at IAA in Munich this month, with this vehicle proposed as a way of combating Tesla’s current hold over the marketplace.

However, the one downside with this type of vehicle is that it will be a luxury car and relatively expensive, especially when you factor in the additional cost of Audi gap insurance and maintenance. 

The good news is that such costs will fall as electric vehicles become more commonplace, alongside the technology that underpins this type of car. This means that Audi will be well placed to prosper by the year 2030, as will customers who want to buy an electric vehicle from this automaker.

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