Instant Motivation And Demotivation To Help Your Business Grow By Rebecca Lockwood

Instant Motivation And Demotivation To Help Your Business Grow By Rebecca Lockwood

Ever feel like you do not want to take action on something in your business? You need to speak to someone on the phone but can not do it? Procrastination sounding better and better as the day goes on?

We all have these moments, even myself this morning when I knew I should be having a healthy smoothie, I did not want it, instead, I wanted a cup of tea. So, I used this amazing technique you can use for any situation where you are lacking in motivation or need to de-motivate a negative action such as procrastination.

Using my example of the smoothie, follow these simple steps to motivate yourself to do something good and demotivate yourself from doing something that can be put off till later.

  1. Picture the two activities in your mind. I pictured myself enjoying the green smoothie in my mind but because I did not want it the image was small and dark in my mind. However, that cup of tea was big and bright and in the forefront.
  2. I then switched those images around. Making the image of me enjoying the smoothie big and bright and more positive than it previously was. I pictured myself through my own eyes enjoying that smoothie and feeling better for it. While that cup of tea shrunk down dark and hidden away in the corner.
  3. Take Action. I was then more motivated to enjoy the smoothie and did so. I now feel better for doing so, knowing it was the correct thing for me health-wise. The feelings of motivation towards that cup of tea have shrunk with that image of myself enjoying it, therefore de-motivating myself to drink the cup of tea for now.

It doesn’t matter what actions you have to choose between, you can use this technique for any of them. Whether it is imaging yourself clearing out your inbox, or making that call and completing a deal, or even preventing yourself from buying something you do not necessarily need and saving your money instead.

This technique is perfect for those who are multi-passionate about a number of projects within their business, yet not 100% focused on them. It helps keep you focused, removing the number of distractions around you. Just picture yourself (do not forget to include yourself within this image) working on the project big and bright at the forefront of your mind and you will find that coming true.

Such a simple yet effective technique that anyone can use in any situation. If you would love to dive even further into this topic, I am hosting a free webinar on The 3 STEP BLUEPRINT FOR MINDSET MASTERY, or feel free to follow me on Facebook for even more top tips and techniques to help you get the most out of your business.



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