Interview Spotlight With Dr. Catherine Baudino

Dr. Catherine Baudino is an award-winning mindset & executive coach. Catherine is also a member of the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists (NCIP) and is an ICF qualified coach. She has worked with many clients to help them overcome their personal issues; including Imposter Syndrome, creating a Positive Mindset and Setting Boundaries. Some mentees are directly referred to her from Psychiatrists, Cancer Research and Help for Heroes, where she has served for over a decade.

With Dr Catherine Coaching, you get the best of three areas thanks to her unique experience and history. Catherine has broad international expertise, in various industries and in many languages. Having started off in Academia, she moved on to the Commercial and Corporate world – breaking the glass ceiling in 1987 (at a salary of £75,000 a year – the equivalent of £220,000 today). 

Catherine shares her wealth of experience and guides people to become better versions of themselves. She achieves this through wisdom, empathy and compassion. She is an Ambassador for the Allbright women’s club and a recommended Author by ‘We are the City’ network.

Thank you for interviewing with us today, can you introduce yourself to us? 

I am Dr Catherine, mindset & executive coach and author 

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now? 

You could say I am a bit of a rebel – or contrarian; I started off an Academic (in literature), obtained my PhD in record time (aged 23), abandoned Academia in favour of the corporate/commercial world where I broke the glass ceiling (in 1987) and worked in a number of different industries – publishing, telecoms, solar energy and finance. I now combine my University skills with my corporate experience to help leaders realise their full potential.


Over the years my business model has evolved to incorporate the use of new technology / social media. I have also introduced more specific services recently, to meet the current demands in the market.

What outlets do use for marketing? 

Other than social media (particularly, LinkedIn), my book – STEPPING INTO MY SHOES – is my major marketing tool. Later on this year, I will be doing 10 Podcasts.

What or Who has inspired you most recently?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – with her unwavering sense of duty.

What is the best piece of business advice you have received to date? 

Do not be afraid to charge what you are worth.

How do you create an evenly balanced work and personal life? 

By setting boundaries between work and personal life.

Name a seminal point in your career so far? 

Being hired by Robert Maxwell who gave a female the chance to lead and innovate in the new sector of satellite communications.

What gives you ultimate career satisfaction? 

Helping leaders realise their full potential.

Are there any leading entrepreneurs or SME leaders that you admire and if so, why? Vanessa Vallely and her ability to rise in a man’s world and now helping women do the same

How do you define your own success? 

Making a living by sharing my life experiences to help others overcome obstacles such as Imposter Syndrome, learning to say NO as well as YES, and THANK-YOU 

Finally, what can we expect from you next? 

A podcast (10 episodes), a second book and more of the same…


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