Is Your Team Holding Your Business Vision Back?

is Your Team Holding Your Business Vision Back?

As a boss or manager, you know what you want out of your business. You have clear definitions of success, and you fully understand how to get there. However, you can’t get there without good employees, and if you find your business struggling, you may have to ask yourself an uncomfortable question: Is your team holding your business vision back? Here are three questions to answer that may determine if this is an issue for you, and how you can address it.

Are Your Values Clear?

Every business must have clear company values and expectations out of their employees. What values do you expect your employees to adhere to, and how are those values practised within your company culture? As the manager or owner, are you practising those values? It’s often best to explicitly state your company values in order to ensure clear communication. However, what’s even more important is that you regularly practise these values in your day to day work.

Are They the Right Fit?

Some employees are great people, but not great fits for a company. They may not share your values, have relevant experience or be dedicated enough to your team and vision in order to fit in properly. There are some traits all high performance teams have, and one of those traits is the dedication to a vision. If your employee doesn’t believe in your company’s goals, values and vision, it may be time for everyone involved to move on.

What Do Your Performance Evaluations Turn Up?

Employee evaluations are vitally important for any business, and perhaps even more so for small businesses, where mistakes are harder to hide. This means that you should be regularly performing employee evaluations and sharing that feedback with the employee in question. Furthermore, it’s not enough just to give a rote evaluation of items like “work ethic” and “punctuality.” You should be explicit about how your employee’s performance is adhering to your company vision and share that feedback with them.

Determining if your team is holding back the successful fulfilment of your business is one of the hardest decisions that any business manager can make. That’s not to say that you have to fire anyone who you have a problem with, but as a successful manager, your job will be to help steer employee’s behaviour and incentives so they align with your company’s vision. Doing this will help put your business on the pathway to success.



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