JANE HARDWICKE COLLINGS: ‘Becoming – A Woman’ Workshop Facilitation Training

JANE HARDWICKE COLLINGS: ‘Becoming – A Woman’ Workshop Facilitation Training

The ‘Becoming – A Woman’ Workshop Facilitation Training is based on Jane Hardwicke Collings’ Maiden and Mother circle work, gatherings for girls, pre-menarche (onset of menstruation) or just ‘started’, and their mothers, to demystify the menstrual cycle and to learn through information sharing and experiential processes about the physical and spiritual opportunities inherent in the female cycle. You may also have seen or read Jane’s book, Becoming A Woman – A Guide for Girls approaching Menstruation.

‘Becoming – A Woman’ Workshop Facilitation Training is an opportunity for interested women to learn the Shamanic Womancraft way of teaching this important, healing work to mothers and their daughters.

The training will be delivered on-site in group training sessions, where participants learn and practice the material, developing proficiency in their understanding and delivery of this potentially activating and healing content.

The training may be used as the basis for the teacher’s ongoing self-designed program or graduates may run the branded Becoming a Woman Workshop upon graduation according to the agreed guidelines.

Teachers will also need to be clear with the impact of their own personal experiences around their menarche and menstruation and have processed what it offers them for their own evolution and their role in teaching this vital, life-changing information. The training program will offer this opportunity.

The intention of this work is to prepare you as a Menstrual Educator, specifically in the spiritual and shamanic dimensions of the Women’s Mysteries.

To graduate, proficiency in delivery of the material and understanding of your own relationship to your menarche and menstruation must be achieved.


Date and Time

Tuesday 18th to Saturday 22nd June 2019



Kangaroo Valley





Caitlin Sherrey-Dadd


Further Information

  • Training facilitated by:
    Jane Hardwicke Collings & Hope Ryan
    in conjunction with The School of Shamanic WomancraftJane Hardwicke Collings is an independent midwife from Australia, who has been attending homebirths since 1984. She is herself a homebirth mother of four, a grandmother and a teacher of the Women’s Mysteries. She gives workshops, writes books and has founded The School of Shamanic Womancraft.

  • Jane has trained in Shamanic practices with James M Harvey, aka Blackbear and has had many wonderful teachers including Midwife Maggie Lecky Thompson, Birthkeeper Jeannine Parvati Baker and teacher, and author Cedar Barstow. Jane lives in the country of NSW with her husband, some of her children and many animal friends. As Jane says, she’s working for the Goddess.

  • Hope Ryan is a mama, a teacher, a storyteller. First introduced to the Women’s Mysteries at age 10 and with reverence at age 25, she facilitates Red Tents, Women’s Circles and Menstrual Education Programs for girls.  Hope completed her ‘Becoming – A Woman’ facilitation training in 2015 and supports Jane in her work in restoring the healed feminine to our times.


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