Marketing Strategies That Will Help Your Business

If you have just started a business then you will be wanting to get out there and be known to the general public. This can only happen one way, marketing. When you create your business plan you should include a section on marketing and what techniques you are going to use. Each business will benefit from a different tactic, no two will be the same. While leaflets or emails may work for one company, they may not work for yours. Take a look below to find out other ways to reach your target and wider audience.

Video marketing

You might have heard about this up and coming marketing method. You can record a video stating who you are and what you do. You can then upload this to various places including your website, or social media. People will see it, take notice, and then visit your company to hopefully make a purchase. Video marketing works as people will feel closer to your brand and more valued as customers. They can see you and hear your voice, so it feels like they are having a conversation with you. 

Social Media

Social media will always be your friend when it comes to marketing. When you create your budget and business plan there can be a lot that takes your money. Social media will not, it is free for you to use. Create a page and share your products with all your followers. Create posts that can be shared here, there, and everywhere on the internet. Soon, everyone will know about your company and you will have orders flooding in.


If you are looking for someone or several people who can sell your brand then you want to use influencers. You can help each other out, you can give them your product to try and keep for free while they chat about your product and get you lots more attention. Influencers have an incredible following on social media. Therefore if everyone sees what they post then they will want to try whatever the person they look up to is trying. ‘If it works for them, it will work for me’ kind of mentality. 


Finally, if you want people to remember you then it may help to give them subtle reminders of who you are. You can get merchandise and stationery items printed with your business name and logo on them. Handing out pens and other bits and bobs will give people visual reminders to try your business. They may get curious one day and look you up online, find that your product will be useful and then order. 

If you are looking for some help with your marketing then you may find it useful to get some help from the professionals at SLG Agency. They will take all the important aspects of marketing and branding off your hands and do it for you. This gives you plenty more time to focus on other parts of your business.

We hope this helps you realise the untapped potential of some of these marketing techniques. Use them and your business will go far, gaining lots of customers as well as repeat customers coming back for more. 

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