Mastering Your Approach To Winning Customers – It’s As Easy As ABC

Customers are the most important people in your business. After all, they have the power to determine whether the company is destined for success or failure. With this in mind, knowing how to win them over should be a priority at every step of the journey.

It can feel like a daunting task, not least because ongoing work is required. However, your strategy can be simplified to just three key steps. In fact, you just have to remember your ABCs.


Nobody is going to complete a purchase if they are not aware of your company in the first place. As such, gaining visibility with the right audience should be the first step that you look to master. Hiring an SEO agency to boost your search engine rankings is easily the most effective way to gain organic traffic. From people who actively want products like yours. It can also translate to more store visits from local audiences.

Brand awareness can also be achieved through social media and content marketing. However, it’s important to know your audience. It will allow you to focus your attention on the platforms that they use and the content styles that they respond to. Opting for an overly generic approach could quickly alienate your target audience. 

Besides, most people interact with hundreds of brands every week. If yours does not resonate with them, they will forget it almost instantly. Conversely, though, a conscious effort to spark an interest from the right people will make the path ahead far smoother.


Once a consumer is aware of the brand, your goal is to move them along the sales funnel to the point of purchase. It is shown that an average of eight touchpoints are needed to achieve a sale. So, it’s important that you continue to invest in marketing campaigns such as PPC, SEO, and influencer marketing.

However, you also need to show an appreciation of consumer concerns. They need to know that they can trust the brand, which is why using testimonials software to gain verified reviews is vital. You can help your products stand out with great content, including explainer videos that showcase the full potential of the items. Meanwhile, tactics like timed offers can work well as they encourage consumers to make quick decisions.

Crucially, you should make the transaction easier too. Whether it’s an in-store or online purchase, a POS terminal that accepts multiple payment types is vital. You should also look to provide quick order fulfilment. For many customers, this will make all the difference.


Securing a first-time buy from a consumer is a major breakthrough. However, true success comes from gaining their long-term loyalty. Turning them into someone that will champion the brand will send their lifetime customer value through the roof. Reward programs are particularly effective. They can encourage more frequent purchases while also encouraging existing clients to spread the word.

The power of recommendation is a wonderful thing. It can grow your brand awareness with new audiences and convert them into customers. Moreover, the people advocating the brand will think more positively about the company. This keeps it fresh in their minds, leading to even more purchases from them.

It is suggested that 80% of your revenue can come from 20% of your most loyal customers. By building that strong following, you will find it far easier to forecast future sales growth too. If that doesn’t lead your business to greater results, perhaps nothing will.

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