MICHELLE ROBERTON: ​Sussex Retreat For Women’s Cancer

This weekend retreat is a deep space for nourishment during and after facing cancer and all the challenges it presents. Michelle Roberton and Jem Ayres are both fully recovered ‘gliders’ (not survivors) of Cancer, and now work with others on their journeys. Therefore well attuned to the emotions, body trauma and the body detachment Cancer can invoke in our daily life.

Body Love tools are about developing a connection with your body as a beautiful living thing regardless of your health situation or body image. We are not taught self-love in this society, we, therefore, have to take ourselves through a process of self-learning to allow ourselves to love our bodies fully-in all our flaws and beauty. As Tantra Therapists, Michelle and Jems core teaching is around bringing conscious to our bodies.

During times of crisis in our health, we can so easily lose that tender and delicate connection to our bodies, our hearts, and our pleasure.

Michelle gently guiding others back to the safety and ease of their own skin. Often when we are confronted with health fears and distress, we see our bodies as unsafe and the “enemy.”   She has explored the limitations Cancer can have on our physicality through exploring her own movement limitations and training specifically for a year, in yoga for Cancer.  She has also created a “method” which enabled her to restore sensitivity in her new breasts when told by the medical profession that would no longer be possible.

Jem encourages people to be in joy, and that’s what she brings to the weekend with her work on mindset, meditation, and belief.

The week will include:

  • Gentle yoga specifically tailored for Cancer
  • Self-care and Body Love techniques
  • Conscious food choices
  • Boobie love and sacred heart massage
  • Orgasmic healing
  • Tantra meditation
  • Cacao dance
  • Space to rest, be held and be heard.

If you have any questions before you commit, please feel free to email michellekroberton@gmail.com


Date & Time

October 6th & 7th 2018



Swallows Lane
Dial Post
West Sussex RH13 8NN

The Yoga Gardens feels like a breath of fresh air and describes itself as one of Sussex’s best-kept secrets. It is set surrounded by nature that is so alive and clearly cared for. The yurt itself so warm all year round … a little bubble of tranquility. There is the option to camp or plenty of local B&B of which we can provide a list upon booking. There is a local restaurant for us to enjoy an evening meal together, this is an option and the cost of dinner is not included.


Ticket Information:

The total weekend is £189

  • Body Love workshops, nutrition, and yoga.
  • One individual coaching for cancer session.
  • Vegetarian/vegan lunch and refreshments each day.


Further Information:

Please note that places are limited to 12 people to keep the size of the group intimate. You may pay this in full by clicking here. (NB Eventbrite will charge a fee) or pay a non-refundable deposit of £89 and the remaining £100 by the 30th of September.

Contact here to arrange your place in installments.

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