Online Presence Can Make Or Break Your Business In 2021 By Rosie Di Lecce

After the pandemics hit in March 2020, a vast majority of existing businesses shifted online to keep operating. This led to overcrowded social media platforms, one too many launches of new products and services and a war for attention, which currently represents one of the most important currencies. 

Similarly, because of the market shutting down, more people decided to start new businesses, both leveraging a product or their expertise. With all these changes happening in the span of a few months, online presence has become vital, turning into one of the key elements that can either make or break a business that’s willing to thrive online. 

You goal is to stand out, show you’re different from competitors, build a community of qualified prospects and – eventually – sell. 

The question is – how can do you all that? Rosie Di Lecce, founder of Writing with Rosie and Expert in Persuasive Communication shares her tips on how to both establish a strong online presence from the get-go or grow it further to help your brand flourish. 

Know your audience 

Whether you’re just launching your new business or trying to make more impact with your existing one, your audience will always be the starting point. If you want to ensure your social media presence supports your business, you should create content that speaks to the right people, those who will be your community and buy from you. Marketers would often advise to create an avatar that looks at the age, gender, qualities of your audience, etc. However, what most fail to highlight is that your audience is much more than that. In fact, modern buyers are marketing-savvy and what they want is to interact with someone who represents their values and understands them. So, rather than focusing just on demographics, identify who your audience is emotionally or what they care about. Most importantly, speak to their desired outcomes; this alone will make you stand out from the crowd and position you as the “go-to” person who solves their challenges. 

Be human 

Gone are the days of perfect feeds and ultra-cute influencer shots, so just let your audience get to know you! Don’t be afraid to show up some vulnerability (within reason) or be spontaneous. Take advantage of tools such as Facebook or Instagram Stories to show behind-the-scenes and interact directly with your community. Also, following the social and political awakening of 2020, don’t be afraid, if comfortable, to take a stand and share causes you support, as this will help create a stronger connection between you and your fans or prospects. 

Give value 

A lot of business owners often underestimate the importance of showcasing expertise when establishing their place within the online world. In truth though, a solid social media presence comes down to sharing valuable content with your audience; think of tips, tutorials, topics that will educate them around your expertise or niche of your product. All of this will help them, intellectually or practically, to improve their problem or support them in achieving their goals, through you and your brand. 

Use all the tools

Social media platforms constantly release new functions that help users cater to different audiences – that’s something you should use to your advantage. Written posts, photos, audio and videos are all valid options to target different types of people, so if you want your brand to be strong, don’t be afraid to leverage these tools to reach a greater variety of clients who might prefer one or the other.

Be consistent 

Last but certainly not least, be consistent! This is the true great secret to building an online presence that will make your business and will get you ahead of competitors. People are creatures of habit and if they see you and your brand showing up with regularly (whatever that means to you) and be coherent with the topics you talk about or the products you are selling, they will start to form a bond, a sense of familiarity and trust. Once that’s happened, they will begin to advocate for your brand, recommend it, share it and treat it as the next best thing that will change their life. 

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