Nutcracker Marketing Agency London

A good marketing strategy is more than a makeover. It’s about amplifying what’s great about your business, adjusting what isn’t and identifying the areas you need to change for the better. It’s about going beneath the surface to underpin your business vision. Nutcracker digs much deeper to develop a logical, effective plan that will lead your business to success.

Exceptional Copy & Content

Johanna Mcweeney is a health and wellness copywriter who loves working with brands that focus on personal wellbeing and development.

Writing With Rosie

Rosie Di Lecce is a Persuasive Communication Expert and Coach. She’s the Director of Saia Creative Ltd and founder of Writing with Rosie. Her current mission is to help small business owners learn how to convert more through persuasive content and storytelling and own their online presence.

Julie Brown

Since becoming a journalist in 2003, visibility & PR expert Julie Brown has been a writer, events editor, editor-in-chief, magazine publisher, social media manager, production editor and accredited life/business coach. Julie now combines all this experience to help business owners increase their visibility, impact and credibility and get more clients. She is particularly passionate about showing entrepreneurs how to use media coverage for business growth.


Embark is a small but exciting insight agency. Founder, Abbey Teunis strives to bring consumer research into the heart of decision-making so that you can build campaigns and develop products that see results.

Disco Mountain

Disco Mountain are a small web design studio based in London who are passionate about creating websites that are visually stunning and unique, translating your businesses and brand on a professional and innovative platform in the digital world.

Spaghetti Agency

Spaghetti Agency specialise in proofreading, copywriting, online marketing and social media.

Mandy Nicholson

Mandy Nicholson is a creative genius consultant who helps female entrepreneurs to launch, grow and scale their creative business to make more money.

InnerVisions ID

InnerVisions ID specialise in ‘Branding that means Business’. Based in west London, they work with ambitious entrepreneurs worldwide.
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