Freelance copywriter Caitlin McAllister left her job back in 2017 because she became very unhealthy due to bad work-life balance. Since then, Caitlin has set up a successful copywriting business, has even penned her first book which explores her first year of self-employment and is currently setting up a membership site for self-employed people which due for take-off in June 2019.

Cailtin’s #BEYOUROWN BOSS Story

For me, being my own boss means the freedom to shape my own week, and prioritise my wellbeing and personal goals. I’m a freelance copywriter based in London, and I run a blog to help people in their first year of self-employed life. I became self-employed myself in summer 2017, and after working in the marketing team for an incredible but extremely busy startup, I was keen to restore some work-life balance.

The first client I ever took on turned out to be one of those take-your-work-and-never-pay types, which was so disheartening for a first-time freelancer. I lost a lot of confidence through that experience, but soon after I began working with some genuine and inspiring brands who I still work with today. Finding those people that I can work well with, and who respect and value my work, has been a key part of my success so far.

In the beginning, when I had only a few clients, I used my spare time to start my blog, Desk Life Project, which has become more successful than I ever thought it would. The blog focuses on helping people navigate their first year of self-employed life, and I was lucky enough to be chosen as a runner-up in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Pitch Palace competition in 2018, which meant I was featured in the magazine. That was another huge confidence boost, and I’ve met many more inspiring female founders through this experience.

At the moment I’m working on self-publishing my first book, which is a goal I have had for years but never had the time and balance to really make it happen. I’m also developing Desk Life Project into a membership site for self-employed people who work long hours at their desk, which will be launching very soon.

Being my own boss has given me the time to pursue things I am genuinely passionate about for the first time in my life, and although in the beginning building a client base was tough, and money wasn’t always flowing as I’d like it to, I’ve developed strong relationships with clients that I work with on an ongoing basis, and I’m now in the position to turn down work that doesn’t completely align with my values and make me happy. This is why I became my own boss, and it’s why I would never want to give up the lifestyle and financial freedom it has given me.



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