Caroline Sanderson is the Director of multi-award winning Ego Hair Design Inverness established in 2002, and her Salon Jedi Coaching Academy established in 2010. Caroline is an international speaker teaching her Super Salon Success Systems all around the UK as well as the US in locations like San Diego and Florida. In 2019 alone Caroline hosted 22 Bootcamps and 8 schools in her mission to reach and teach 1500 salons.

Caroline, also known as ‘The Salon Jedi’ is a master at transforming not only salon results but salon owners themselves. She’s trained in NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming) and features in New York Times best-selling author John Assaraf’s new book Innercise as a super successful case study. John is best known as an expert in the book and film ‘The Secret’ and is the CEO of Neurogym as well as Caroline’s personal mentor.

Marketing is a huge part of Caroline’s expertise and she’s known for her Facebook Ads Strategies turning £5 adverts into £1000’s worth of bookings. Caroline and her team have bagged over 100 award nominations and wins. 

A note from Caroline

At 21 years old, when I was enjoying a carefree, happy summer, loving life and my job in a salon,  it came as a shock to experience my first panic attack. It was even more of a shock to realise that this would affect the rest of my life.

But, I am stronger than I would ever have known. In 2009, while 8 months pregnant, the salon manager I trusted to look after my business whilst I had my baby walked out with my client list and set up a rival salon. On the brink of bankruptcy, I sat and sobbed. My worst possible fear had been realised. And then I asked myself, have I done everything I can to save my business? 

I put my mind to learning fast, free marketing techniques that result in 398% growth during the recession. I invested in courses and mentors to stretch myself further, setting goals to be the best – in my town, in my industry, in my country. And I achieved those goals, winning awards reflecting all of these targets – Scottish Hairdresser of the Year; Most Wanted Business Thinker; British Hairdressing Business Awards Best Front of House Team.

Mindset and meditation form a huge part of my journey, not only in business but in controlling and managing my anxiety. I was finally able to move on from not wanting to talk about anxiety in case it made it worse as I hardly ever think about it now. Anxiety is debilitating, but also so common and I know I am far from alone. I’ve learnt to live with it and manage it and it won’t hold me back.

As much as I love hairdressing, I will realise that my calling is to educate other salon owners on how they can grow their own businesses and experience the success I’ve had. I’ve had to overcome my fear of public speaking and have since become an international speaker as a result. In fact, I’ve become so good at what I do that my mentor, New York Times best-selling author John Assaraf has featured me as a case study in his book.  

To BEYOUROWN Woman means achieving success on your own terms – using your mindset to achieve your goals, whether it’s a car, a house, or a career dream fulfilled. It means sharing this success and the euphoria gained from helping others reach their own business goals. And it means being able to give to charity because supporting those in need is a non-negotiable ingredient in enjoying success yourself.

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