Sarah Griffiths is a highly specialised trauma and abuse therapist. Having recovered from the trauma of her own past abuse, bullying at school, and a long marriage to a covert narcissist, she now runs two successful businesses. Her newest venture,, uses her skill as a hypnotherapist, along with coaching and traditional therapy techniques to help others rapidly heal from their past, firmly putting it behind them so that they can achieve their full potential and live the lives they deserve, just as she has done. Sarah’s book, The Unlikely 7 Figure Entrepreneur is out now.

A note from Sarah

Sometimes I will sit and wonder exactly why it took me such a long time to realise my worth in this world. Cut to now, and I’m proud to be a light to the many women who’ve sought out my help in designing their own personal and professional journeys. But I wasn’t always this confident and for a time, didn’t realise I was on my own journey of self-discovery. 

Like a path many people face, I led a life directed by insecurities and low self-worth. Typically, the problem started in my youth where I faced down bullies every day at school. This planted the seeds of some serious negative self-beliefs that grew stronger as time went by. The trouble lay ahead as I did not possess the assurance to shake off these demons. Today I tell women just how common it is for these issues to breed and multiply under the right circumstances. I had felt this most of all through marriage difficulties but applied breakthrough therapies to great avail. Both my partner and I have worked through a tremendous amount in therapy, recognising toxic behaviour patterns such as narcissistic thinking alongside my own low self-worth, and uprooting them.

This success is nestled happily among other personal highlights of my career, which include the awareness I’ve been able to bring to these methods that helped me heal from my own past. My use of hypnotherapy and talking therapy has helped people rapidly heal from the debilitating effects of abuse and past trauma. This, as well as my book, has been a huge milestone for me.

To me, to being your own woman, is developing enough inner calm to keep your eyes fixed on your own lane. For a long time, I compared my life and experiences with others. Unless you sit alone in the clouds enjoying peerless success this is a very toxic behaviour pattern. I’ve discovered through my work just how many women can benefit from quieting that outside noise and focusing on the self. I used to think this sounded a little self-centred, but really doing this puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life and gives you the tools to provide better for yourself and loved ones. It’s a selfless act more than anything.




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