REBECCA WILSON: ​New Moon Womb Meditation

REBECCA WILSON: ​New Moon Womb Meditation

Rebecca Wilson warmly invites you to join her on the Womb Web Of Connection FREE online course.

Your Womb Space is a powerful tool for navigating life when we learn to connect with her in a simple, direct & physical way. The Womb centre is our physical compass of body-based intuition, where you can find simple yes / no answers to everyday questions as well as bigger questions. Learning to trust Your Body Wisdom and begin to love from an Embodied state of being rather than a Mindstate. The Womb is our deepest centre of consciousness, through Womb Connection Practices we support her clarity and to expand so that we can immerse ourselves in her ancient wisdom, spiritual power, and healing energy.

  • Mind – thoughts, mental process, and logic which have great value in problem-solving but can also lead to a disconnection from deeper truth and feelings.
  • Heart – feelings of love, connection, and inner truth: “follow your heart” being a known expression.
  • Gut – one form of physical intuition and feeling: coloured by emotions such as anger or fear.
  • Womb – deepest most physically embodied centre, representing our deepest truth, not so influenced by passing emotions.


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Date & Time

Monday, August 27, 2018- 7pm

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