Scale Down To Scale Up And Find What Makes Your Heart Sing By Kelly Swingler

2020 was, for most people, the year of growth, of scaling up, of hitting new targets and new goals. Lockdown has impacted many businesses, slowed down goals, and allowed for some reflection.

Many people have discovered that they have enjoyed the reflection time and the time out and for businesses and leaders that have taken the time to scale back and scale down, they have actually found themselves scaling up in the process.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of working harder and pushing harder and wanting to fit more and more into the day to achieve the goals set, but successful leaders and successful business owners, realise that in order to thrive they need to take a step back and do the stuff that matters most. Executive coach and global empowerment coach for leaders and HR professionals Kelly Swingler explains her 5 theories on how successful leaders scale down to scale up.

They start the day right

Successful leaders don’t try and cram too much into their morning routine.  They do a small number of things that lift their energy and raise their mood ready for the day ahead. For some, this can be weights, or yoga, or running, or reading, or meditation, or walking, or visualising, or a combination of a handful of these things.  

Many fail at starting the day right because they try to fit too much into their morning routine, realise it’s impossible and so give up.   Successful people have a few key ways to start the day and they make these happen no matter what.  They make these things happen whether they have ten minutes, or two hours dedicated to starting the day because they realise that starting the day right sets their mood, intentions and energy levels for the day.

They focus on doing one thing brilliantly

Kerry was introduced to a guy named Guy during her first year in business as someone to provide advice on how to scale up a business and then create an exit strategy.  Kerry went into the meeting prepared with numbers and figures and projections and growth plans and was amazed when Guy ignored all of this and told her to focus on one thing – delivering great customer service.  

She was told to forget the spreadsheets and tables, which was a relief because these weren’t her forte, and instead, she concentrated on delivering exceptional customer service with every single prospective, new and existing client.  She didn’t take her eye off the ball, she focused on excellent service, for one key service and the business grew and grew. She hasn’t sold the business and has no intentions of doing so.  

They have a great support team around them

Successful leaders know what they do well, they know what lights them up, they know what gets them out of bed in the morning and they know what drives them.  They know that delegating to a team of experts around them not only makes them look better at what they do, but it takes the pressure off.  Having a great support team makes successful leaders even more successful.

They manage their energy levels

Successful leaders focus more on their energy levels than their to-do list.  They recognise that they need to get things done and that they need to be moving forward in the right way, and they recognise that they need their energy to be at the right level to make anything happen.

They do things that raise their energy, they eat food that lifts their energy, they spend time with people that raise their energy.  They realise the importance of balancing energy with the need to do all that needs doing.  

They end the day right

When successful leaders have started their day right, focused on doing one thing brilliantly, worked with their incredible support team and managed their energy levels in the right way, they end the day right so that they can have another incredible day tomorrow.  This may be no tech after a certain time, more exercise, relaxation time, hot baths, meditation, journaling, or something creative.

But they realise that starting the day right depends on how well they ended the previous day. Successful leaders do all of these things.  They don’t let a lack of time, or a lack of energy, or excuses get in their way.  They do what they know is important, and that in scaling back, this gives them the platform to scale up. And in scaling up, they find balance, they find peace and they find what makes their hearts sing.

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