Securing Your Business Against Theft

After a turbulent 2 years due to the effects of the pandemic, businesses are finally thriving once more – with over 850,000 SMEs launching over the lockdown period.

As business owners will know all too well, there are countless things to consider when it comes to setting up a new business. From deciding on where to set up your office space, to recruiting a talented team of employees to support, and creating a business plan to ensure you achieve goals in set timeframes. 

But when you put so much time, energy, and money into your business, it can be devastating to become a victim of theft. 

To help you put in place extra security measures to keep your business safe, here are some handy tips on how to protect your business against potential break-ins.

Install CCTV

Perhaps one of the first ports of call is to install CCTV both inside and outside of your premises, if possible. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but this footage can help police detectives to investigate any break-ins or suspicious activity, should the worst happen. It can also be handy to ward off any potential thieves with CCTV signs – so that they are fully aware that anyone on your premises will be in full view of CCTV cameras. This simple reminder can help to deter criminals from any planned robberies. 

Secure entrances and exits 

A sure way to fend off any unwanted intruders is by keeping your premises secure after working hours. These are the times when criminals are more likely to attempt a robbery, when everyone has vacated for the evening. Most criminals use vehicles for their break-ins to store stolen possessions and to make a quick getaway afterwards. Ensuring your premises is shielded with gates that are secured with a strong padlock is one sure way to keep criminals at bay. 

Secure valuables 

If you have any valuables, such as cash on site or important or confidential documents, that you’d like to know are safe in case of a break-in, it can be a wise idea to invest in a security safe to store these within. That way, should you fall victim to a robbery, you can rest easy knowing that your most valuable possessions are locked away and inaccessible to anyone who doesn’t have the key or combination to the safe. If you don’t have a safe, any secure unit with a lock will do the trick until you have time to have a safe installed within your office. 

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