Security For Your Business Event: 7 Winning Strategies

Providing security for a business event is critical to ensure that everybody is looked after. From the attendees to the assets, here are some approaches you can take to enhance security for your business event.

Hire professional security

Depending on the size of the event you may consider hiring professional security personnel or a company that is experienced in business security or event security. Companies like Zed Security and Guarding can always provide a comprehensive approach to delivering a robust security setup. Professional security also comes with its own highly trained staff and equipment to ensure that every aspect of your event can go off without a hitch.

A security plan

If you cannot hire a professional company you need to develop a comprehensive plan that outlines a number of aspects. These can include procedures, responsibilities of individuals, and protocols for different scenarios. For example, if you have a guest speaker who is prominent in influencer circles you may have a number of fans attempt to gate-crash the event and therefore you will need a security plan for this particular scenario.

Security briefings

To ensure your event goes smoothly you will need to guarantee that volunteers, staff, and/or security personnel understand their roles and responsibilities. It becomes essential to have an emergency response plan that can include procedures for evacuations, medical emergencies, or other major incidents like fires or disasters. It may also benefit to conduct drills to ensure that everybody is familiar with the procedure. One of the biggest problems in running an event is that lots of different members of staff, volunteers, and security personnel are on different pages and are physically separate, therefore it becomes critical to have a consistent plan that everybody can follow.

Don’t underestimate cyber security

If the event involves technology it becomes essential to implement cybersecurity measures. If people are plugging into the Wi-Fi they will potentially be inputting sensitive information across the Wi-Fi signal. Therefore if you are operating a business event at a local venue you should first check if the Wi-Fi is sufficient, but also if there is adequate security in case of a data breach.


While surveillance can typically consist of CCTV cameras there are other ways to survey a premises. A visible presence is a great way to deter any potential troublemakers and having security checkpoints at these entrances can enhance surveillance across the event.

A clear communication system

The security personnel, event organisers, and potentially local law enforcement need to liaise in order to have an effective system in place. Ensuring that you have a solid approach can make for a far more smoother event. Having a communication method that works effectively in real-time can be invaluable here such as walkie-talkies.

Do not forget the risk assessment

The task of hosting any business event will involve assessing a venue’s vulnerabilities. Identifying any security risks in relation to the location, the type of event, the venue, and the people attending will have a major impact on what type of security you need to provide.


Ensuring you can provide security for your business event covers so many different bases. Make sure that you do it properly.

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