Selecting The Right Packaging For Your Handmade Products: Simple Tips For Your Side Hustle

Starting a new business can be scary, especially if you’re used to having a stable income and have a lot of expenses to pay.  To try out your enterprise before you commit to it full-time, you could consider running it as a side hustle alongside your existing job. 

With the cost of living rising rapidly, as many as 16% of UK workers are considering taking on a side hustle, and many already have one. So, you could join them and create your own business by doing what you love and creating handmade products that your customers can enjoy. 

Turning your passion into a business can be fun, especially if you’re crafty and love making things. There are plenty of handmade products that can be profitable if you sell them in the right way. 

The key focus needs to be on finding efficient ways to sell and ship your products. While craft fairs and in-person stalls might seem like fun, they can be expensive and time-consuming, so it’s worth exploring online sales.

Selling your handmade products online is a simple way to start your side hustle, but there’s a lot to consider. One important factor is what kind of packaging you’re going to use. 

The right packaging can make or break your handmade products, literally and figuratively! These are some of the factors to keep in mind when picking out packaging for your homemade products.


Posting your handmade products all over the country, and potentially internationally, means that they need to be protected from any knocks and scrapes. Homemade items might be unusual shapes or require specific packaging to protect one area of the product that’s more fragile than another. With custom protective packaging from Argolin, you can ensure that your products reach their new owners intact. 

Price and value

While you want your packaging to look appealing, it’s important to balance aesthetics with cost-effectiveness. Premium packaging can add to your expenses, so find a middle ground that aligns with your budget and brand image, and gives you everything you need from it. Factor the cost of your packaging into the cost of your product, so that you can maintain your profit margins and earn the extra cash you need. 

Legal requirements 

Depending on your products and location, there might be legal requirements for packaging, such as safety warnings or ingredient lists. As such, it’s vital that you ensure your packaging meets these regulations. These regulations are particularly important if your product contains food, as there’s certain information that you must show. So, make sure that you understand the rules and regulations before you finalise your packaging design. 

Size and dimensions

Choose packaging that fits your products snugly. Oversized packaging not only increases shipping costs but can also lead to movement and potential damage during transit. On the other hand, packaging that’s too tight might crush your products. As such, you need to find a happy medium that works for your homemade items.  

In summary 

At the end of the day, your product packaging is an extension of your brand, so it’s important to invest time and thought into this aspect of your business. By using these tips to select the right packaging, you can enhance your customers’ experience, build brand loyalty, and create a more professional image for your handmade products. You can then scale your side hustle into the business you’ve always dreamed of. 

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