Signs You Need More Control Over Your Business Finances

Financing a small business is not an easy thing to do. Even if you’ve got your own savings stashed away to help establish your name and brand, you can soon run out thanks to a variety of unexpected costs and business disasters that could happen to anyone. It’s a mistake a lot of new small businesses make, and it’s often the main reason why companies of this size fail within the first few years. Let’s make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to you! Taking control over your company finances might sound intimidating in the beginning, but if you’re noticing signs like these, it’s something you need to do as soon as possible. 

You don’t know what’s in the register

Are you aware of how much money you bring in day by day? Do you know what’s in the cash register before the day starts and when it ends? If not, or if you’re never quite sure about the numbers, it might be worth it to invest in a ‘cashing up’ process.This can involve using either an employee or some software to oversee cash input. For the latter, it will require users to sign in before use, and automatically record all entries for you to check over at the end of the day. 

You’ve often overspent

Overspending is easy to do as a small business. You want big things but you’ve only got a small budget to work with. And often enough, small businesses don’t even have a budget spreadsheet to work off of! Which means that’s the first thing to fix. 

Think about what you’re spending, how much capital you have, outline your budget, and then consider ways to increase this. Maybe you need to sign up to a crypto bank or bring a new investor on board? If you’re looking to the future, you won’t mess up in the present! 

Invoices are missing details

How many times have you received an invoice that’s been confusing? Maybe it was formatted wrong, or wasn’t numbered? Maybe it didn’t have the name of the sender on it? These are all common mistakes that can be made with invoices!

But as a business receiving them, this does you no favors. These invoices are hard to clear, and that can delay your bottom line recordings. And if such a problem keeps happening to you, get in touch with companies who send them; be polite, but be firm about your expectations. 

You’re not sure who does what

Finally, if you’re not sure who’s in charge of the money, or who counts the cash day by day, it’s time to put a formal process in place! Promote someone to the position who you can trust, and make sure there’s another employee right behind them to double check all decisions. Put together a chain of command and it’ll become much easier to track your finances! 

Your business finances need a firm hand. Make sure you’re providing one with tips like these. 


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