Marketing Week Live 2018

Marketing Week Live 2019

Marketing Week Live, in conjunction with Marketing Week and Econsultancy, celebrates marketing that matters to you, the marketer, right now. Enhance your capabilities and knowledge on today’s ever-changing trends and techniques and learn from key solution providers from the entire spectrum of the marketing mix.

Marketing Week Live is a conference that “celebrates marketing that matters to you, the marketer, right now.” With breakout sessions that cover marketing from the basics (like influencer marketing and brand storytelling) through to the advanced (like artificial intelligence, chat bots, and dynamic segmentation), every level of marketer will have the opportunity to learn something new and advance their skill set.


Date & Time

Thursday, March 8th 2018 8:30 AM –  5:30 PM BST

Friday, March 9th 2018 8:30 AM –  5:00 PM BST



Olympia West



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