Apps World Evolution 2018

Apps World Evolution 2018 BEYOUROWN is a digital media & news company dedicated to inspiring young women in business led by founder, CEO & contributing editor, Samanah Duran.

Digital CX World showcases how brands are deploying and integrating technologies that drive customer centric digital growth. This conference brings together a vast amount of top tier entrepreneurs, shape-shifting developers and branding experts who show a keen interest in making innovative ideas come to life in the app world.

From re-engineering of enterprise architecture, to leveraging new digital products, and the design and development of customer-facing platforms. Passes can still be purchased to attend the event, either register online or onsite at the show on arrival, the choice is yours!


Further Event Information

A 15,000+ attendees, 300+ exhibitor exhibition spanning 8 co-located TechXLR8 events, featuring 50+ hours of free show content.


Date & Time

June 13 – June 15 2018






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