EMMA CLAYTON: Find Freedom From Food Workshop

If you KNOW what you need to do to move and eat healthily, but can’t ever seem to stick to it! Or you generally feel out of control and crazy around food, then listen up!

Emma Clayton shakes the taboo out of the topic of binge eating and helps you understand why it’s not down to a lack of willpower that you can’t shake the habit, but something way more mainstream.

Be sure to save the date on Saturday 2nd February 2019 at 4PM – 6PM as Emma joins us live, in-person at Hourglass to share with you her unique Food Freedom Formula that she is sharing with her clients across the globe who are women on a mission to finally beat binge eating and lose weight without ever dieting again!


Date and Time

Saturday, February 2, 2018

4-pm- 6pm GMT


Further Information 

Emma Clayton is transformation coach focused on empowering career women to beat binge eating & build true inner confidence in their pursuit of success and happiness.


Ticket information

Tickets £20 before 31st December, £25 thereafter. Available through the Hourglass website here.

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