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I AM #BEYOUROWN is that I completely own who I am and what I do but most importantly that I can be who I really am: strong, independent and unique. To be my own is particularly important to me since I have become a role model and now I am my own business, it is absolutely exciting on one hand, and on the other, it is super tough. But being my own also means I have the confidence and belief in myself to be successful in this industry and to stay positive and patient when things don’t seem to be going my way.

Even though success is important, what’s even more important to me is being happy with the woman who I am becoming and to be proud of my achievements, both small and large ones.

Yulia Sydow|38|London|Freelance German Teacher|


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Not only do we aim to ‘Lead Women With A Vision, but we also proudly stand by our no photoshop policy throughout all of our media campaigns and projects, simply to celebrate the original raw authentic beauty in all of the women we work with.

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