Debbie Rowling, frequently known as ‘Dangerous Debbie’ is a dating & relationship expert and comedy writer. She brings a brutally honest outlook to modern day dating through sharing her own experiences and offering advice to her clients. She has recently launched her own matchmaking service which see’s her readers get featured and find their own dangerously ever after’s.

Hey Debbie, can you introduce yourself to us?

 I am Dangerous Debbie, a brutally honest and award-winning dating and relationship expert and comedy writer. I share stories about sexcapades, give advice to my readers on dangerous dating and have recently launched a match-making service.

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now as a dating and relationship expert?

In 2015 I created DangerousDebbie.com. It was a blog for anyone who had woken up with a stinking hangover while trying to find their pants in a stranger’s room. Some readers described it as a post-watershed Bridget Jones (on channel 5) laying bare the unfiltered truth of modern-day dating. I was finalist for Dating Blogger of the Year and shortlisted as Best Sex and Relationship Influencer in the Cosmopolitan awards.

After experimenting with over 100 dangerous dates I found a permanent partner – so now I’m divulging all my expertise’ whilst giving my readers a chance to get featured as the Top Dangerous Dater of the month – similar to a Tinder boost but without the premium price-tag.

Can you tell us about any of your personal relationship experiences and how they have reflected your career? 

Whilst I was travelling I accidentally confused a one night stand for eternal love; after chasing the male from Thailand to Australia, I returned to the UK. When I told my friend she said, “you make me feel so much better about my life.” So I decided to share my struggle and start a blog to spread the joy and bring some light relief to others.

Can you give us 3 steps to helping us overcome a breakup?

  1. Always allow a 48 hour mourning period. You can shout/scream/kick your best friend. What ever you need to do – use this time to go absolutely for it. It’s good to let it all out before you rebuild.
  2. Don’t focus on making someone jealous through social media –those likes will only heal the wounds for a short time. Focus on something real – like a threesome.
  3. Vodka always helps.You can see my full guide here.

How do you feel about the online dating space and would you recommend it to your clients seeking real romance?

110%. Going out is exhausting and meeting a mate in the workplace can be dangerous. Whereas on an app you have a large pond of potential mates – plus it’s better to get finger cramp from too much swiping than wanking alone forever.  If you ever need a break Tindog is a wonderful app to meet a nice dog.

What outlets do use to promote your services to gain new clients?

Tinder was my main marketing platform until I got banned, so now I rely largely on word of mouth and people googling accidental anal.

What gives you ultimate career satisfaction? 

Receiving messages from readers who have struggled in love and found some light relief in reading my blog and also being a part of my client’s journey on their road to love.

How do you define your own success?

 A knighthood.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

You have to be happy with yourself before you’re happy with anyone else.

Finally, what are you working on throughout 2019?

After four years of stealing the best seat in coffee houses and drinking one glass of milk, I am finally doing the finishing touches to my first novel. Whilst also building my current client base, making relationships, saving relationships but still celebrating the joy of being single through a service which will offer a modern day twist to the everyday Hen Do.



Twitter : @dangerousdebie

Instagram : @dangerous.debbie 

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Dangerous-Debbie-557250381044987/

Website link : https://dangerousdebbie.com


Image taken by Saskia Nelson 

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