Successfully published author, business and life coach Mandie Holgate has been helping journalists, production companies, editors and researchers in the media for years. Commenting and writing about many areas of business, businesswomen, family, work-life balance, crossroads in life, stress, confidence happiness, and (Long term health problems) Lupus and mental health stigma. Mandie is happy to share on […]


Successfully published author, business and life coach Mandie Holgate has been helping journalists, production companies, editors and researchers in the media for years. Commenting and writing about many areas of business, businesswomen, family, work-life balance, crossroads in life, stress, confidence happiness, and (Long term health problems) Lupus and mental health stigma. Mandie is happy to share on a very honest and open level because she personally believes the more honesty there is, the more people around the world can achieve. 

Available to buy online, Mandie’s published book Fight the Fear will help you get the results you want by helping you find and eliminate the top 12 fears that impact success. In short, easy-to-read, jargon-free chapters, you’ll discover proven strategies, skills and tools to help you deal with things you dread such as saying no, appearing confident without being arrogant, asking for what you want, public speaking and picking up the phone and even the fear of what other people think.

This book has helped thousands around the world, from achieving their 1st 6 figure contract, overcoming their phobias and lifelong anxiety, quit their corporate careers or climb the ladder to the boardroom, go for self-employment and so much more!

Thank you for joining us Mandie can you tell us a little bit about your background story as a business coach and successfully published author?

Does anyone like talking about themselves (laughs). I was one of the UK’s youngest Bodyshop managers in the automotive industry and helped grow that business to exit for the owners. I seem to have a natural ability to grow businesses and training as a coach was a natural progression when I knew that I didn’t want to return to the car industry when my children went on to school. Nearly dying of a mental health illness led to me exploring talking therapies. I’m the kind of person that people tell anything and everything to and so training as a coach played to my strengths. I’ve been very lucky to speak and coach WH Smiths, Banks, large companies and individuals looking to overcome adversity and achieve more.

I like to have fun so even if we are dealing with difficult subjects my style helps people address the big elephants in the room. I set up The Business Woman’s Network in 2009 so that I could help a wider audience move their careers forward too. I’m someone who thinks big and achieves goals but I won’t do this at the expense of my husband or family life. I live on Mersea Island and it’s the best place in the world to live. From day one I knew I wanted to write a book and be known as someone that was good for women in business. To end up at the Home Office on think tanks, speaking with the Bank of England and being asked to write a book for Pearson’s are just some of the things that is focused on what you really want can help you achieve. Most clients wish to remain confidential and that is fine too. I can quietly sit back and feel incredibly proud of being a small part of that person or companies growing success and happiness. I’m just the catalyst to people’s brilliance.

Can you tell us how you are helping your clients to drive the results they want, increase sales and really understand the foundations of successfully built businesses?

No 2 sessions are ever the same even if they both say things like “We need to work on the business not in it” “We are struggling for sales?” We don’t know how to grow!” ”We don’t have enough time, money or staff!” By truly listening and removing all judgment people are able to understand and utilise the power of who they are. When my clients appreciate the science of being themselves (and not trying to fit some business model, book or guru’s ideas) – they achieve more. I help clients offload everything, then we sift through what they say they want, dump what it turns out they don’t (they were just being influenced on by their outside world.) then think creatively to work out how to achieve their goals for this year and sometimes even the next 20 years. With the strategies and techniques, I’ve used with thousands of clients so I know they work. We ensure we build confidence, deal with the underlying assumptions that scupper success and really understand what success will look like for them. It’s easier to get somewhere when you understand it better.

What top 3 tools can we integrate into our everyday life help us supercharge our personal and professional success?

  1. Build your internal confidence – and if your confidence is knocked by a bad day then you don’t have internal confidence you only have external confidence – the 2 are very different.
  2. Only 3 to 5 actions per day. My clients even if they want to rewrite the world only ever have that many actions between sessions – we so easily damage our results when we pile on too much.
  3. Always remember the now and big goals – every day in the back of my client’s mind is how will this help me get there? Does this fit? Is this a distraction? What am I fearing? I get my clients to be comfortable to ask questions they don’t know the answer to because sometimes just ask the questions is enough to start a mind shift.

What methods do you currently use to measure your client’s success other than testimonials?

Tangible ones. I get quite cross (understatement) when I hear people have spent thousands of pounds and not seen any progress. You wouldn’t go to the hairdressers every 6 weeks and put up with the wrong haircut, colour or style so don’t do that with coaching either. I tell my clients if you aren’t satisfied don’t pay me. And I don’t create packages – packages are great for coaches but not personal to the coachee. The start of each session is a chance to analyse what we agreed would happen, what results we are seeing and what needs to change or be adapted. I have lots of clients who are nervous to quantify their results, and they learn to be proud of the extra profit they’ve made, the ability to finish work at a decent hour to achieve their KPI’s. We don’t need to brag but we do need to monitor our results – it’s a good way to understand more about the science of who we are so that we can replicate what works.

Do you have any current business mentors? Either professionally or personally….

With The Business Woman’s Network, I’m very lucky to have some of the UK’s finest speakers come to us each month. Some have unofficially been there for me ever since. I know that I can turn to them as they would turn to me. The business owners in this network also work together closely in The Insiders and while that is my online confidential mastermind group I’m just as likely to learn from them and lean on them too. I think that business owners are at high risk when they think they don’t need mentors, role models and a network to lean on.

Personally, I have my husband – you have to be mindful of family and friends because they’ve invested in caring about you, not your business. But we have Hot Tub Half Hour where I’m allowed to rant, offload and share my thoughts. He is good at letting me do this and knowing when I’ve had my time so I switch off too. I’m always looking for people that inspire me. It’s essential because our needs change in our lives and our mentors should alter to reflect this.

Congratulations on the success of your book, what platforms are you using as marketing tools to promote your book Fight the Fear?

Thank you. When Pearson’s phoned and asked me if I’d ever wanted to write a book I wanted to scream with joy. I’ve only wanted to be an author since I was 8 years old! Part of fitting the publisher’s criteria is showcasing how I would market my book. I teach people these skills now since reputation and brand are fundamental to a successful marketing strategy and company.

I utilise PR, social media, blogging for companies like LifeHack and Medium, networking, speaking engagements and most clients will tell me they’ve got my book – often a clients partner or children have nicked it so they have to buy another! It’s the kind of book people read again and again since it has tangible skills and strategies to put into action in your life. Even I find myself reading it sometimes! I love the stories from around the world from people who tell me Fight the fear help people quit their job and set up their own business, or leave a bad relationship, get a promotion or even get a dream contract.

Do you currently use any apps or tools to help the functionality of your day to day?

I’m a visual person so I’m not keen on doing anything on my phone or laptop if I can help it. I spend enough time attached to a laptop! And I’m an old school loving a good book. My favourite tool for a successful day/week/month is my 10 day week. I created it for a client who told me they could have 10 days this week and they’d still fill it. It’s a visual tool to enable me to see priorities for the week, clients needs, business goals progress and what I’m putting off. It kicks but with little words and just takes a large piece of paper, 10 lines (and dates) and a pen. I find people feel they need to overcomplicate success too much, thinking it must be harder than it is, and it’s rarely true. Keep it simple works for me.

What has been one of the most valuable lessons so far throughout your career?

There are so many lessons – do I really have to choose just one? As a coach, I’m always looking to understand what I can learn. I think having Lupus and being so ill I only worked part-time for 8 years taught me a lot about priorities, goals, achieving, and being good enough. I never liked Mandie Holgate very much and looking in the mirror and seeing someone changed thanks to medication and illness was tough. I think the most important thing you can learn for business success is that you today, are everything you need to be – you may not be wrapped up in the wrapping you’d like – but trust me, you have everything you need to be successful – that is so powerful.

What does 2020 look like for you throughout the rest of the year?

I’m very lucky to already be booking coaching clients into July and I’ve already got a 2021 speaking engagement. This year The Business Woman’s Network is going to continue to grow as we celebrate our 11th birthday and I’d like to see more collaboration between organisations and coaches. I believe in strategic partnerships and that there is enough work for everyone. The more we work together the more we can change the world for more people. Economies, communities, businesses and people could all benefit from this ethos. I’ve also learnt that I rarely appreciate how much good stuff is going to happen to me. If I stress about it and look for it, it doesn’t happen. Just getting on with the job at hand, concentrating on my goals for 2020 through to 2035 and it’s amazing who phones me asking to work together!



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