How To Avoid The Lockdown Back Strain By Ann Kuan

How To Avoid The Lockdown Back Strain By Ann Kuan


Our backs have undoubtedly felt the strain of lockdown. From binge-watching movies in bed to sitting at our kitchen tables hunched over our laptops, to an influx in people getting fit. Our bodies, and more specifically our backs, have felt the impact.  Non-specific lower back pain i.e. a pain that is not due to serious disease and where the exact cause of the pain is unclear is a complaint that we have observed in our practices a great deal recently. As you might imagine, the causes of this pain are very varied. Saying that one commonality is that, almost all lower back issues tend to result from an increased volume, intensity and frequency of some form of activity, which, if managed appropriately early on, could have been prevented.  So, just what is causing this pain in our backs?  The new work from the home environment has meant that many people…

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