5 Ways To Fund Your Own Business By Maureen Bailey

5 Ways To Fund Your Own Business By Maureen Bailey


Applying for funding can be a stressful process. The ability to understand the wonderful world of funders is a huge part of business acumen. It is also a highly competitive process which can cause a high level of stress. However, Maureen Bailey believes that getting the basics right will allow funds to flow into your business, without taking out a large loan. Maureen Bailey is the founder and CEO of Inner Strength Network and with 25 years’ experience under her belt. She continues to enjoy supporting women in business through her training and advice service   She shares the importance of getting the basics right to enable funding to flow into your business, especially for those businesses who want to develop a charity arm to support their community. She believes funding will come to you if you make smart choices. Here are her 5 top tips relating to obtaining funding from a not-for-profit…

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