5 Ways To Be More Conscious In Business By Sarah Taylor

5 Ways To Be More Conscious In Business By Sarah Taylor


Businesses must keep up with growing demands for ethical behaviour and transparency in everything, taking a very proactive approach, not as an add-on, but as an integral part of the reason for being. The conscious business community is thriving, and it’s exciting to be part of it.   According to Mintel[i], 65% of all adults say they are currently trying to live more ethically than they were a year ago.  Today’s consumers are ethically aware, driven by a media focus on ethical issues and part of a growing movement for more mindful and conscious living. Consumers are also aligning their spending with their values to be more ethically conscious, eco-friendly, and to be healthy and well. Sarah Taylor is a certified natural skincare formulator and founder of Pamoja, an independent UK brand of clean and conscious skincare designed to help multitasking women achieve healthy glowing skin and a moment of calm and…

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