Exercise And The Entrepreneur By Kelly Wright

Every And The Entrepreneur By Kelly Wright


Movement helps our body to heal, to re-energise and to re-focus. Exercise teaches entrepreneurs to focus, be brave and always push yourself beyond your comfort zone. No doubt these activities and the relationship forged between yourself and exercise will also give you the mental strength to succeed in business. Edinburgh based entrepreneur Kelly Wright believes that there is no way she would have achieved what she has in such a short space of time, so here she shares her top 5 tips. Schedule phone calls together and walk Put your trainers on, plug in your headphones and get outside. The fresh air helps you to focus and you can easily walk a couple of miles without even realising it. It creates a relaxed atmosphere during the conversation and the caller will be inspired too.  By the time your calls are done, you will feel more energised and ready for the next task. If you…

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