How Lockdown 2.0 Made Combining Entrepreneurship With Parenting Easier By Elspeth Fawcett

Curtesy of Pexels Curtesy of Pexels

One of the biggest conversations to come out of the last few months is the shift to home-working and how that will shape the way we do business going forward. As you are like many mums across the country already working from home – juggling a young family with running a business – you are probably well versed in the struggles this can bring. Understandably the current consensus seems to be that it is often difficult to split boundaries between parenting, home-schooling, relationships and working when you are doing all from the same location. Now, these conversations are being had, it is important to drop the stigma of women working from home and the idea that you cannot juggle children with business, or that if you do, one will suffer. We share a few tips on how to keep life running smoothly, post lockdown 2.0 from Elspeth Fawcett, the founder…

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