5 Tips On Going Digital In 2021 By Destinee Berman

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With the way we work and indeed life-changing forever in 2021, there has never been a better time to go digital. As most of us already find our lives centered around the online world, it makes sense to embrace its power and move your business online. However, with the digital world a vast and often consuming space, it’s understandable some may find the whole process a little overwhelming. But, digital is here to stay, and those companies who aren’t yet online may soon find themselves being left behind. Marketing strategist Destinee Berman has just under two decades of helping people make the jump to digital. An expert at launching digital schools and courses, Destinee is fully aware of how beneficial the digital world is. With prestigious clients such as Microsoft, Twitter, and HP, to name but a few, she believes in getting yourself digitalised. Here she shares with us her…

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