5 Tips To Tame Your Inner Critic By Angy Tsafos

5 Tips To Tame Your Inner Critic By Angy Tsafos


Everyone has been subject to their inner critic at one point or another. She has the bad habit of popping up every time we are doubting ourselves, making mistakes, feeling a bit low or outside of our comfort zone. She is the faithful companion that we wish we did not have because let’s face it, she does a stellar job at making us feel miserable. Believe it or not, our inner critic is only trying to protect us from getting hurt. Unfortunately, if we do listen to it, our inner critic will keep us small by ensuring that we are always playing safe and preventing us from challenging ourselves and embracing new experiences. Angy Tsafos, women empowerment guide and founder of The NET Life, shares 5 proven tips aimed at tackling your inner critic quickly when she shows up. Awareness and Separation The first step is to recognise that your…

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