Leading In This New World – 5 Tips To Becoming A Human Centric Leader In 2021 By Nadja Chaieb 

Leading In This #NewWorld – 5 Tips To Becoming A Human Centric #Leader In 2021 By Nadja Chaieb #BEYOUROWN


Being a leader in one of the world’s biggest crises is a tough challenge. Nadja Chaieb, HR Expert and Executive Coach at Made for More gives us her leadership lessons from 2020 on how managers can act, build trust and lead their teams successfully. In crisis, we need leaders with solid ground. Leaders that can manage their own and others’ stress, pay attention to signals and act in solidarity and caring about others. Compassion is needed more than ever. In a recent survey from Gallup stated that Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) of 100 of the world’s largest organisations concluded that the common needs leaders must provide employees with in this challenging period are trust, compassion, stability and hope. The challenge is how to deliver these four factors to workers when you’re physically separated from your teams. Your leadership can be truly tested if you allow remote working to evolve into…

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