3 Ways To Facilitate Women To Thrive At Work In 2021 By Kaya Cheshire

3 Ways To Facilitate #Women To Thrive At Work In 2021 By Kaya Cheshire #BEYOUROWN


There’s a growing global concern that gender-based regressions are soon to resurface, reversing the progress on gender equality that’s been fought for, for generations. A new report by UN Women has uncovered that, although both women and men have seen impacts from the pandemic, this hasn’t been spread equally when it comes to gender. Evidence shows that COVID-19 has and is reinforcing traditional social and cultural gender norms and it’s imperative that women and girls don’t lose ground and are enabled to succeed. Below are 3 ways to facilitate women to thrive at work this year given by Kaya Cheshire, head of marketing at tech company WorkClub. Ensure women are included in key decisions and influential positions Research proves that diversity leads to richer, more sustainable decisions for businesses and firms with higher female board representation exhibit higher overall performance.  In a study by McKinsey & Company and Leanin.org that surveyed 118 companies and…

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