5 Ways To Trade Up Your Leadership Skills In 2021 By Dr Pauldy Otermans

5 Ways To Trade Up Your #Leadership Skills In 2021 By Dr Pauldy Otermans #BEYOUROWN


Leadership is a skill demanded everywhere, especially in the Industrial revolution 4.0. Hence today we must become leaders in one aspect of life or another. However, there are specific qualities needed to launch a start-up that requires a distinct set of leadership skills which may be very different from leading a project within your company or your local baking or futsal team. The plethora of new opportunities in this ‘new normal’ and the quick death of many traditional jobs and employers, even permanently, makes 2021 the year when understanding the leadership needed to launch a start-up crucial. Not just to ride the wave of the current uncertainty but also to create jobs for the many who have lost out. So, what are the ways you can trade up your leadership skills in 2021? Educationist and social entrepreneur Dr Pauldy Otermans gives 5 pointers. It’s about the big picture Today more than…

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