5 Non-inherent Traits Every Entrepreneur Needs At Start-up Stage By Abbey Teunis

5 Non-inherent Traits Every #Entrepreneur Needs At Start-up Stage By Abbey Teunis #BEYOUROWN


Despite it being 2021, there are still many more male entrepreneurs than female. It is true that we are founding more companies than previous generations but we still have a big gap to close. And we have many good reasons to according to Forbes female-led companies are more capital-efficient, achieve higher ROI and deliver higher revenue.  But if you’ve ever considered launching a start-up or new business, you’ve no doubt been told that you need to have certain personality traits that are intrinsically part of you. Many of them are very masculine: ambitious, extroverted, charismatic, fearless, and resilient. Traits to successfully launch a start-up as an entrepreneur are NOT masculine. And they are not inherent; they can be learned or gained. So, here are 5 non-inherent traits all entrepreneurs need when in start-up mode By Abbey Teunis, founder and director at Embark Insight. Trait 1: Lean into vulnerability Fearlessness is not the be…

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