5 Qualities Female Leaders Possess That Are Often Overlooked By Christina Saunders

5 Qualities #Female #Leaders Possess That Are Often Overlooked By Christina Saunders #BEYOUROWN


When we think of the words ‘start-up’ and ‘leaders’, we all have a few names that immediately spring to mind – Margaret Thatcher, Mark Zuckerberg and Michele Mone to name just a few. All of these business leaders appear to have similar qualities – they’re tenacious, confident, daring and decisive ,but ,as we know, in life, there isn’t one size fits all. Although these traits may be some of the makings of a leader within a start-up, there are other traits which are often overlooked in today’s modern world but which are just as beneficial, if not more so, in some cases. Christina Saunders is a director of CryoAction. Here, Christina shares her thoughts on the qualities that women have, which are often overlooked or underestimated, but can be the making of a leader launching a start-up. Patience Like anything in life, things take time. A 2007 study by Schnitker…

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