5 Traits That Will Help You Succeed As A First-time Entrepreneur By Camille Leavold

5 Traits That Will Help You #Succeed As A First-time #Entrepreneur By Camille Leavold #BEYOUROWN


It is a bit of a myth that hard work and a ground-breaking business idea is enough to successfully launch a start-up. New entrepreneurs do not to need to have years of experience in business in order to succeed but more so a particular set of characteristic traits. Camille Leavold is the Managing Director of Abbots Care, a family business that started in 1995 with her mum, a fax, a mobile phone, and a bucket full of passion to change the home care market. Here she explains which 5 traits will help you as a first-time entrepreneur since you do not have years of business experience under your belt. Passion Successful business owners are genuinely passionate about their product/service, they understand what difference it will make to their market and what it’s USP is.  Their passion and drive will overcome the many challenges they will face in getting it to market.…

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