How To Turn Your Vulnerability Into A Superpower By Taz Thornton

How To Turn Your Vulnerability Into A #Superpower By Taz Thornton #BEYOUROWN


For far too long in the business world, women have been typecast – they are those who have businesses which relate to lifestyle or a ‘hobby’ or they are in the boardroom ‘trying to be male’.  This is still common parlance in business-circles because women often have smaller, micro businesses and may not be interested in ‘scaling up’ or they are in senior management teams where they feel in order to be heard they must be something ‘other’ than themselves. Consider the way in which women are often portrayed in the media, even today: as  tough ball breakers, agony aunts or the femme fatale.. occasionally a blend, but more often than not, a stereotype. As society things are changing and moving in the right direction and women have come a long way but, if women are going to step into their real power, women are the ones who need to break the…

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