Top Tips For Dealing With Money Worries During February By Sally Tribe

Top Tips For Dealing With #Money Worries During #February By Sally Tribe #BEYOUROWN


Did you know that 61% of employed adults state that money is the factor that causes them the most stress and Q1 period after Christmas? Not to mention how the long month before payday is always going to be a hard one for people. Sally Tribe, PTS Corporate Clinical Lead at Vita Health Group, offers her top tips on dealing with financial stress during February 2021. “A number of studies have demonstrated the cyclical link between financial worries and mental health problems. It really can be a vicious cycle.” Financial problems could adversely impact mental health. The stress of debt or other financial issues can leave people feeling depressed or anxious. The decline in mental health makes it harder for people to manage money. People may find it harder to concentrate or lack the energy to tackle a mounting pile of bills. Or they may lose income by taking time off work…

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