How Can Happy Employees Increase Your Bottom-Line?

How Can Happy #Employees Increase Your Bottom-Line? #BEYOUROWN


Everybody is aware of the fact that stress is responsible for killing creativity. If a person is happy he is likely to exude greater energy and creativity levels. Unfortunately, employee happiness has never been such a significant priority as the businesses rather focused on keeping their clients and customers happy. But there is a definite connection between having a happy employee and a satisfied client. Studies have concluded that a rise in employee focus and passion was observed due to raised happiness. It equates to a rise in productivity levels by around 10%. Employee engagement and productivity are signs of a healthy environment at work. There is a direct correlation between employee happiness and business bottom-line. Here are some changes you can administer in the management to increase employee happiness levels. Develop trust If you are an experienced businessman you will know that trust is the foundation of any organisation.…

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