Is That It? By Avril Millar

Is That It? By Avril Millar #BEYOUROWN


When we make anything (babies, bread, boomerangs), we tend to rather like the outcome. We look at our creations and think, ‘That’ll do nicely.’ Similarly, when we do anything, we think we’re doing the right thing (unless we’re psychopaths, in which case the right thing is the wrong thing).  Which is why, for many businesses who make/sell things or services, we feel in our bones that we’ve got it right. Who wouldn’t like what we’ve made/done? And if people keep using our services or buying our goods, we assume that we’re giving them what they want.  But how do you know if what you’re offering is really hitting the spot with your clients and customers, before they tell the world what they think of you or wander off to a competitor – and remember they tell more people when they’re disappointed than when they’re happy?  You need to start with your…

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