It’s All About The ‘Why’ By Brenda Etchells

It’s All About The ‘Why’ By Brenda Etchells #BEYOUROWN


As entrepreneurs we all set off with a clear idea of the product or service we are offering, in effect the ‘WHAT.’  However the ‘WHAT’ is much harder to define is the ‘WHY’. Consultant Brenda Etchells explores this for us to get a better understanding of what all of this means. There are two parts to this question: WHY do you exist? WHY should your customers’ buy from you? Let us explore part one first: WHY you exist? Do you have a clear purpose?  Your purpose is the reason WHY your business exists.  With the purpose driving your strategy it is important you get this right.  That is why the Value Proposition is fundamental to any business model.    The Value Proposition must be developed with the-customer in mind.  What is the ‘job to be done’?  Theodore Levitt, a Harvard Business School professor illustrates this well with his example of a drill.   “People…

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