Why Now Has Never Been A Better Time To Be An Independent Retailer By Gaynor Humphrey

Why Now Has Never Been A Better Time To Be An Independent #Retailer By Gaynor Humphrey #BEYOUROWN


There has never been a better time to be an independent retailer. The pandemic has sent a sizable shock through the retail market place and it is the independent sector which has benefitted. During the pandemic consumers have understood the value of local shops and combined with the reluctance to go in to big cities or shopping centres they have made a conscious decision to shop local. Almost 60% of consumers increased their spend with local shops in 2020 and this trend is set to continue. So how can independent retailers capitalise on this resurgent interest in independent retailers? Gaynor Humphrey of independent retailer Best Years Ltd, believes the combination of local shoppers and new technology means that opportunities to grow your business have never been more. Engage with your local community. As communities engage and support each other there is now a huge opportunity to advertise your shop to local customers Social…

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