Top Tips From Teachers To Instil Confidence In Your Team By Anne Morris

Top Tips From Teachers To Instil #Confidence In Your #Team By Anne Morris #BEYOUROWN


Management is a complex process, as employees can all have very different personalities. How they respond to things can vary greatly, so the first thing all managers should instil in their team is confidence. 32% of UK workers are afraid of putting their ideas forward, and one out of five would describe themselves as a ‘pushover’. Women in particular can struggle in this area: studies have shown that they are less self-assured than men. Managers can apply the same techniques teachers and tutors use in a learning environment. Here, Anne Morris, founder of Peer Learning company Yipiyap, advises on how managers can emulate teachers to ensure everyone is feeling assured and effective in the workplace. Stay calm Raising your voice as a teacher rarely works. It might grab the attention of the audience, but it won’t help anyone concentrate or retain information. In the same way, it’s key for a business…

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