How You Can Promote Positive Mental Health By Lorna Boyer

How You Can Promote Positive #MentalHealth By Lorna Boyer #BEYOUROWN


As lockdowns continue and talks of tightening restrictions are still abound, concern for the wellbeing of employees now working from home is on the rise. Following months of changing regulations, social distancing and blurred boundaries between work and home life, many workers are feeling the toll of remote working on their mental health. Employees across the UK are reporting an increase in feelings of stress, anxiety, and loneliness. So how can employers combat this in a sensitive and effective way? Marketing and PR executive Lorna Boyer of Eventurous, looks at some tips to promote positive mental health across your remote workforce. Promote mental health conversations The easiest way to begin encouraging positive mental health is to simply open the lines of communication and increase confidence in workers to talk openly about their mental health concerns. Mental health is such an important topic but remains a very sensitive one that employees might not feel…

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