5 Ways Indie Brands Scale Throughout 2021 By Wizz Selvey

5 Ways #Indie #Brands Scale Throughout 2021 By Wizz Selvey #BEYOUROWN


Global marketing agency Wunderman Thompson reported that over 29,000 new companies were registered in the UK in September 2020; the highest number since October 2007. Experts predict this uptick will continue, worldwide. Too many founders are working in their business rather than on it! Wizz Selvey, founder of WIZZ&CO, is passionate about helping them ‘level up’, start to outsource and think bigger, based on the skills she has learned over the years. Here she has outlined 5 basic tips to help solidify your mindset and get your business moving. Have a strategy This may sound obvious but it’s amazing how many people don’t. If financial planning, spreadsheets and strategy diagrams freak you out then create something simple. A great idea is to write all of your ideas on post-it notes, then stick them on the wall based on each quarter of the year. Review the priorities and get rid of some…

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